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purevibracion is burnin

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Dear friends and readers, glad to acknowledge and to extend the existence of the band that I’ve known very well. The band has already grow tight in their playing and had gather a generous number of followers. Here’s Purevibracion with Burnin! SEIR

Dream Theater @ Singapore: The January Bashing

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Walaupun Dream Theater sudah bermain di Singapore pada Januari lalu, sedikit rangkuman pengalaman dari Ellary di sini bolehlah dijadikan imbasan kembali persembahan yang mungkin sukar dibuat di Malaysia. EDITOR

A rocking chaos in Singapore..

Place : Fort Canning Park, Singapore

Tour : Chaos in Motion – Asian Tour by Dream Theater

Date : 17th January 2008

Time : 8.00 pm

I was not a fan of Dream Theater previously. I knew the band in 1998 but they did not turn on my interest to listen their “ordinary materials” like Metallica and Nirvana. But my perception went wrong when my college-mate playing the DT – Live in New York concert (after the album of Scenes from A Memory released) on his PC. I had a jaw-dropping moment after watching their mind-boggling playings. The fact is – this band has attracted me to watch its second concert in Singapore, which I assume this is my first time experience of watching an international concert out of Malaysia. It is one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen!!. Crazy enuff? Yes, I had to take a trip down to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and it was worth it. Listening to DTs music on the album is just great, but seeing them live is the best thing in the world!

The show kicked off at 8.00pm SHARP!! I had been standing in front of the barricade since 7.00pm. The moment the lights went down the place went nuts!!! DT started off the show in the best possible way. The first song was Constant Motion. Throughout the 2 hour show, the band mostly played songs from the latest album “Systematic Chaos” such as The Ministry of Lost Souls (we crowd sang the riffs!!), Prophets of War, The Dark Eternal Night, In The Presence of Enemies Pt 2. It was an exhilarating experience to see four of the most respected and technically advanced musicians — John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, John Myung, and Jordan Rudess to show theirs unlimited mind-boggling musical techniques to tantalizing the fans. They kept us all captivated with genius virtuoso skills and rocking out the fans with their vibrant and powerful live show. Every single member of the band was in top form, Mike especially – and that new kit is absolutely astounding! I always thought he was the best drummer in the world, now it has been confirmed! It was very nice to see Jordan in front doing some keyboard vs guitar war solos with John Petrucci. It was awe-inspiring and I was stoked!

In the middle of the concert, the rain started to fall but it did not last longer. The crowd was simply awesome; we sang and cheered with the band throughout most of the songs (the exceptions being – obviously – the songs from Systematic Chaos, which most of the fans didn’t know by heart yet because it was just released last year). Finally we had the awesome Medley for the encore of Trial of Tears, Finally Free, Learning to Live and I forgot the rest lah… Sorry for not being able to provide a set list here as I hardly remember the sequence of the songs.

All in all, great night, great band, and great bunch of people I met!! Great set list (even my fave songs were not played though), great light show, great showmanship and nice cartoon displayed. Funny enough, Mike is the man behind the making of the cartoon production. We fans were silent for a while to watch it instead of seeing the band! I cannot rave enough about how amazing this show was. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to see them again Once again, just an incredible show! Dream Theater rocks the fans and they really put us in a chaos state of mind…

Ellary Petrucci

the SEVEN weekly

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The SEVEN weekly No. 4

My SEVEN unfinished readings. However, I’m slowly browsing and dearly reading it. Highly recommended, according to orders.

1. The Spread of Islam In The World: A History of Peaceful Preaching
Author: Prof. Thomas Arnold

First published in 1896 (that was 112 years ago), this is the second updated edition (1913). It’s a friendly historical reconciliation of Islamic preaching throughout the world, as opposed to the frequently asserted by European writers that Islam spread by war on the tip of sword and persecution. Very brief and it’s a tantalizing reading. A polyglot orientalist.

2. Gus Dur: The Authorized Biography of Abdurrahman Wahid
Author: Greg Barton

Started as project paper for his thesis, Greg Barton became a good friend of the first ‘Kiyai’ to be the President for Republic of Indonesia. That is sumthin’ man. Anyway, Gus Dur is one hell of a character!


3. German Made Simple: Deutsch leicht gemarcht
Author: Eugene Jackson & Adolf Geiger, MA
As I could remember, I stopped at ‘Lernt der Schuler Deutsch? (Is the pupil learning German?) Ja, er learnt Deutsch. (Yes, he is learning German) Chapter 3.

4. Good Word Guide
Edited by: Martin H. Manser

How to simplify jargons and words. Very useful and a lot more better than dictionaries and thesauruses. A definite shortcut.

5. Winning The Clients Everyone Wants: 10 Proven Strategies
Author: Nancy Michaels

Written by this successful American entrepreneur lady, would be helpful if you want to pursue your marketing calls. It’s proven in getting my appointment but not in closing any sales! Sheshhh…

6. Arabia
Author: Jonathan Raban

A journey of understanding and evoke life. I’ll never finish this book…

7. 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids!
Author: Sheila Ellison

Filled with naïve sketches and daily activity guides for your children. That is for A year, mon. I’ll never touch this book, leave it to the mums. Forgive me.

SEIR: “Bacalah… Atas nama Tuhanmu…” 

the SEVEN weekly

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The SEVEN weekly No. 3

The SEVEN most contemplative quotes of the week. This is what the world we are livin’ for, people.

1. “Usually I will get high after taking two or three glasses.” Lingam in NST, January 22 2008

2. “Kenapa Zila perlu berahsia sedangkan sebagai artis, peminat mesti hendak tahu perkembangan artis kesayangan mereka? Kenapa tidak diadakan majlis nikah dan sanding serentak? Bagaimana persiapan?,” soal HIP: Berita Harian kepada pelakon Zila Bakarin. January 23 2008

3. “Not since the Vietnam War has there been this level of disappointment in the behavior of America throughout the world, and I don’t think that another incredibly polarizing figure, no matter how smart she is and no matter how ambitious she is — and God knows, is there anybody more ambitious than Hillary Clinton? — can bring the country together. Obama is inspirational, and he’s not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family,” THE David Geffen in FOXNews, January 23 2008. (Yeah, the dominant media jews i.e. Katzenberg, Spielberg are all for Obama, man!)

4. “People have been asking me to give them guns but I’m giving them votes,” Raila Odinga, leader of Kenya’s main opposition party. About 685 people were killed as post-election violence swept across Kenya. Al Jazeera January 22 2008.


5. ”In the past, I’ve tried so hard to withhold myself — even down to giving a smile.” Heath Ledger in Rolling Stone, March 23 2006. Read the last interview of the deceased actor with Rolling Stone here.

6. “We are united in the assessment that a nuclear armament of Iran would have dramatic consequences for the Middle East and even beyond, so we are and remain agreed that we must and will continue to work, together and with determination, to ensure that it does not happen.” Frank-Walter Steinmeier CNN, January 23 2008. The German Foreign Minister said that after meeting his counterparts from the U.S., France, Britain, Russia and China. (Oh..no..)

7. “I’m tired of waiting… bored because there’s nothing to do.” Michael Aryawan, a cameraman from the Yogyakarta branch ANTV. Michael has been assigned to cover news in the event Soeharto dies. Asia Media, January 19 2008.

seir ‘work hard, Pray hard, write hard, give love harder…’

the SEVEN weekly

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The SEVEN weekly No. 2


Due to some circumstances, the SEVEN weekly is a bit late this week. A lot of things happened since the last posting. To continue the agenda, here’s the topic that strikes the chord: yeah… Things that I wouldn’t like to see/hear this week.

1. What’s inside Faizal Tahir’s (previously known as Faizal AEIOUMIUM) pants.

2. Another Indonesian band’s tour sponsored heavily by the MALAYSIAN telco company.

3. The final episode of Anak Pontianak on TV3 because a lot of internet literate people has seen what’s actually she made of. Hehe…

4. Another lost children but finally founded in a sports bag.

5. Debates about what’s underground and what’s not and what other people should do and what they are doing are not right.

6. The starting of another ‘phenomenal’ fantasy academy that will produce more instant cookies but some has been baked for quiet some time (up until 45 years).

7. The sight of white Malaysian made cars with blue emblem on the sides and blue siren lamp up on its roof… err… my driving licence has expired… dumdidum… Aku tak mau sampai jadi macam ni.

ANONYMOUS (for some valid reasons)

the seven weekly

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The SEVEN weekly No. 1 

I have decided to create a new segment called ‘the SEVEN weekly’ to make rawkcarpark [Spektrum Muzikaliti] livelier, a bit poppish and at the same time – to sharpen our mind every week –  easier to slit and penetrate the heart. Hopefully that commitment will be the compulsory drive for us to regular this blog and update it on a weekly basis, at least.

 In a year, there are about 52 weeks and that’s the figure we have to fulfill, bradah. If it’s interesting enough, maybe we can work out a small book or something. So, for the first week of 2008, here’s presented the first SEVEN on rawkcarpark. REDATTORE 

SEVEN things that you shouldn’t missed to see after/on the New Year’s Eve, or you just have to imagine it. 

1. Din is performing back with his Red Rooster’s comrade, Amy, Hillary, Yazit and Nasir on stage! Here’s the link. 

2. The much acclaimed independent film (oleh sutradara muda yang nampaknya amat rebel) Fahmi Reza, 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. Di sini. 

3. The aftermath scene of Benazir Bhutto’s assasinacion. Try here. 

4. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story movie trailer. Anyway, I doubt the real movie. Here

5. The sighs of  ‘aiyaahhhh’ by nyonyas and apeks whenever they are watching news and televisions. Try to go to SS2 0r Labis, Johor.

6. Price of oil per barrel… inflation… toll hikes… global warming… and a lot of increases and accumulations! Got a new baby too… hehe! 

7. The much sought videos of Chua Soi Lek but you just have keep away from it. Maybe you could find it here?