Dream Theater @ Singapore: The January Bashing

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Walaupun Dream Theater sudah bermain di Singapore pada Januari lalu, sedikit rangkuman pengalaman dari Ellary di sini bolehlah dijadikan imbasan kembali persembahan yang mungkin sukar dibuat di Malaysia. EDITOR

A rocking chaos in Singapore..

Place : Fort Canning Park, Singapore

Tour : Chaos in Motion – Asian Tour by Dream Theater

Date : 17th January 2008

Time : 8.00 pm

I was not a fan of Dream Theater previously. I knew the band in 1998 but they did not turn on my interest to listen their “ordinary materials” like Metallica and Nirvana. But my perception went wrong when my college-mate playing the DT – Live in New York concert (after the album of Scenes from A Memory released) on his PC. I had a jaw-dropping moment after watching their mind-boggling playings. The fact is – this band has attracted me to watch its second concert in Singapore, which I assume this is my first time experience of watching an international concert out of Malaysia. It is one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen!!. Crazy enuff? Yes, I had to take a trip down to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and it was worth it. Listening to DTs music on the album is just great, but seeing them live is the best thing in the world!

The show kicked off at 8.00pm SHARP!! I had been standing in front of the barricade since 7.00pm. The moment the lights went down the place went nuts!!! DT started off the show in the best possible way. The first song was Constant Motion. Throughout the 2 hour show, the band mostly played songs from the latest album “Systematic Chaos” such as The Ministry of Lost Souls (we crowd sang the riffs!!), Prophets of War, The Dark Eternal Night, In The Presence of Enemies Pt 2. It was an exhilarating experience to see four of the most respected and technically advanced musicians — John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, John Myung, and Jordan Rudess to show theirs unlimited mind-boggling musical techniques to tantalizing the fans. They kept us all captivated with genius virtuoso skills and rocking out the fans with their vibrant and powerful live show. Every single member of the band was in top form, Mike especially – and that new kit is absolutely astounding! I always thought he was the best drummer in the world, now it has been confirmed! It was very nice to see Jordan in front doing some keyboard vs guitar war solos with John Petrucci. It was awe-inspiring and I was stoked!

In the middle of the concert, the rain started to fall but it did not last longer. The crowd was simply awesome; we sang and cheered with the band throughout most of the songs (the exceptions being – obviously – the songs from Systematic Chaos, which most of the fans didn’t know by heart yet because it was just released last year). Finally we had the awesome Medley for the encore of Trial of Tears, Finally Free, Learning to Live and I forgot the rest lah… Sorry for not being able to provide a set list here as I hardly remember the sequence of the songs.

All in all, great night, great band, and great bunch of people I met!! Great set list (even my fave songs were not played though), great light show, great showmanship and nice cartoon displayed. Funny enough, Mike is the man behind the making of the cartoon production. We fans were silent for a while to watch it instead of seeing the band! I cannot rave enough about how amazing this show was. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to see them again Once again, just an incredible show! Dream Theater rocks the fans and they really put us in a chaos state of mind…

Ellary Petrucci


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