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the SEVEN weekly

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The SEVEN weekly No. 4

My SEVEN unfinished readings. However, I’m slowly browsing and dearly reading it. Highly recommended, according to orders.

1. The Spread of Islam In The World: A History of Peaceful Preaching
Author: Prof. Thomas Arnold

First published in 1896 (that was 112 years ago), this is the second updated edition (1913). It’s a friendly historical reconciliation of Islamic preaching throughout the world, as opposed to the frequently asserted by European writers that Islam spread by war on the tip of sword and persecution. Very brief and it’s a tantalizing reading. A polyglot orientalist.

2. Gus Dur: The Authorized Biography of Abdurrahman Wahid
Author: Greg Barton

Started as project paper for his thesis, Greg Barton became a good friend of the first ‘Kiyai’ to be the President for Republic of Indonesia. That is sumthin’ man. Anyway, Gus Dur is one hell of a character!


3. German Made Simple: Deutsch leicht gemarcht
Author: Eugene Jackson & Adolf Geiger, MA
As I could remember, I stopped at ‘Lernt der Schuler Deutsch? (Is the pupil learning German?) Ja, er learnt Deutsch. (Yes, he is learning German) Chapter 3.

4. Good Word Guide
Edited by: Martin H. Manser

How to simplify jargons and words. Very useful and a lot more better than dictionaries and thesauruses. A definite shortcut.

5. Winning The Clients Everyone Wants: 10 Proven Strategies
Author: Nancy Michaels

Written by this successful American entrepreneur lady, would be helpful if you want to pursue your marketing calls. It’s proven in getting my appointment but not in closing any sales! Sheshhh…

6. Arabia
Author: Jonathan Raban

A journey of understanding and evoke life. I’ll never finish this book…

7. 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids!
Author: Sheila Ellison

Filled with naïve sketches and daily activity guides for your children. That is for A year, mon. I’ll never touch this book, leave it to the mums. Forgive me.

SEIR: “Bacalah… Atas nama Tuhanmu…”