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In anekdot, berita pantas, The SEVEN weekly on January 17, 2008 at 7:28 pm

The SEVEN weekly No. 2


Due to some circumstances, the SEVEN weekly is a bit late this week. A lot of things happened since the last posting. To continue the agenda, here’s the topic that strikes the chord: yeah… Things that I wouldn’t like to see/hear this week.

1. What’s inside Faizal Tahir’s (previously known as Faizal AEIOUMIUM) pants.

2. Another Indonesian band’s tour sponsored heavily by the MALAYSIAN telco company.

3. The final episode of Anak Pontianak on TV3 because a lot of internet literate people has seen what’s actually she made of. Hehe…

4. Another lost children but finally founded in a sports bag.

5. Debates about what’s underground and what’s not and what other people should do and what they are doing are not right.

6. The starting of another ‘phenomenal’ fantasy academy that will produce more instant cookies but some has been baked for quiet some time (up until 45 years).

7. The sight of white Malaysian made cars with blue emblem on the sides and blue siren lamp up on its roof… err… my driving licence has expired… dumdidum… Aku tak mau sampai jadi macam ni.

ANONYMOUS (for some valid reasons)


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