syj reunited

In band, berita pantas on January 4, 2008 at 10:33 pm

SYJ 2008?


Great news from Ipoh, the legendary Syed Yusof Jamalullail’s band (SYJ) is together again, playing on the New Year’s Eve and plan to play again on future dates. You can read the reviews and updates here. Check out their MySpace here. Photo: SYJ 2008 From left Noa, Yus, Amir, Alang & E. Photo Credit: Elly Rocker

Yatt and Nadia of the Rock Terus Rock blog manage to interview the legendary vocalist of SYJ, Amir who guest singing on the show at Ipoh. Read the rare interview here.

  1. Hope they will success in the year of 2008…. (Im preferred Amir to be a Vocalist for the band instead of Alang:p)

  2. saudara E yg main bass tu selalu lepak ngan kami (DF) dulu kat TKK…depa memang best…walaupun new line-up tapi depa tu semua kengkawan roc lama gak..

  3. salam utk syj…sebuah band yg hebat dahulu , org timur : ))…
    “sahabat2 lame teman smua ni yeop…”
    apa pn pak aji doakan agar anggota2 syj bjaya di dunia & akhirat !

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