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In The SEVEN weekly on January 3, 2008 at 12:44 am

The SEVEN weekly No. 1 

I have decided to create a new segment called ‘the SEVEN weekly’ to make rawkcarpark [Spektrum Muzikaliti] livelier, a bit poppish and at the same time – to sharpen our mind every week –  easier to slit and penetrate the heart. Hopefully that commitment will be the compulsory drive for us to regular this blog and update it on a weekly basis, at least.

 In a year, there are about 52 weeks and that’s the figure we have to fulfill, bradah. If it’s interesting enough, maybe we can work out a small book or something. So, for the first week of 2008, here’s presented the first SEVEN on rawkcarpark. REDATTORE 

SEVEN things that you shouldn’t missed to see after/on the New Year’s Eve, or you just have to imagine it. 

1. Din is performing back with his Red Rooster’s comrade, Amy, Hillary, Yazit and Nasir on stage! Here’s the link. 

2. The much acclaimed independent film (oleh sutradara muda yang nampaknya amat rebel) Fahmi Reza, 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. Di sini. 

3. The aftermath scene of Benazir Bhutto’s assasinacion. Try here. 

4. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story movie trailer. Anyway, I doubt the real movie. Here

5. The sighs of  ‘aiyaahhhh’ by nyonyas and apeks whenever they are watching news and televisions. Try to go to SS2 0r Labis, Johor.

6. Price of oil per barrel… inflation… toll hikes… global warming… and a lot of increases and accumulations! Got a new baby too… hehe! 

7. The much sought videos of Chua Soi Lek but you just have keep away from it. Maybe you could find it here?


  1. haiyoh…ini dah macam amedicken top 40 charts hahaha…good very good..terima kasih kerana sudi merantai saya dalam rantaian anda

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