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gig reviews: louder than love @ the zouk

In ulas on November 16, 2007 at 9:33 am

 Rolling like a stone… a twist and turn at Louder Than Love show


The sun is not shining, the brim horizon brought along a sad story at the rally in Dataran Merdeka and a drizzling rain set the mood for the whole Sunday bloody sunday. The mood was different though inside these rounded whitish establishment along Jalan Ampang called The Zouk when nearly a thousand people thronged the place to watch their favourite bands. Endorsed by the who’s who in ‘B Sides Culture’ of Malaysian music, 8TV had supplied their most renowned MC Rina Omar to do the… well, emceeing while the ever active outfit Laguna Records is the main coordinator and organiser. Kudos to thiem also, who are not mentioned here.

As soon as you arrived at the Zouk, you will have to call your friend inside to get the free tickets or the free access tag. In that case, that wouldn’t happened to the 800 ticket buyers who really support and bought them a RM20 ticket for the show. Eventually everyone will be stopped by the bodyguard for an IC and somehow will stunned by the Caucasian beauty holding a donation box at the entrance. After two times of showing my IC and walked a couple of meters to the hollowed walkaway, I came back to take another glimpse, and of course… donate!

When I’m inside the Zouk, Bitterweet were playing with their big shades on and the crowd were singing along. I’ve missed the two most hard-cored boys of They Will Kill Us All and Nervewreck when the show started roughly at two in the afternoon. A small and a very simple stage is just enough for all the bands to strut their energy and musical capabilities. The moshpit were crammed with people while others opt to scattered around the spacious main floor.


Some familliar faces?

Overall, the sound system were not bad also, but actually it depends to the band who played. Some bands are not that prepared to play after more than a month hiatus of the raya festivity. They seems to lost their touch and just keep on doing their routine. Some bands who definitely experienced and practiced had showed their stripes today.

Every acts makes the crowd react in an expected habitual drill. You will see bodies (not a dead one) flying over here and there and some necks nearly got broken, but actually that is not likely to be happened. Anyway, on the scale of ‘Rockster’ (alternatively for Richter), Love Me Butch and OAG brought the house down while Seven Collar Tshirt and Purevibracion really cooled things off. I bet that Nervewreck and TWKUA would definitely recorded high on the Rockster scale.

Johor hailed band Plague of Happiness played happily with the same popular encore need to be booted already while OAG create a new chemistry for their 60’s TV song that send more bodies flying. Radhi is in his top esteem, even though juggling a couple of task at the same time as the naughty boy on TV and in progress, a motion picture. Anyway, he married a producer’s daughter. We will see more of him, definitely. OAG marksman has shown a great character tagging along with harmonies and a ‘just nice’ guitar playing while other members choose to keep the music to themselves and be more reserved. What I still can’t believed is the ‘Generasiku’ song can still send the bodies up on the air!


OAG is still relevant!

Mookie from One Buck Short choose to speaks in Malay for the whole set, sounded quiet peculiar but it’s a nice try and a good thing to do since the band had already come out with an album. One of their songs even got a Kelantanese slang mingled with some Sum41 inclined tune. Some technical glitches break some excitement but it’s nothing but a small thing to us and them.

Purevibracion started with their Rastaman chanting which is very melodious and attractive for the first time but it does nothing on our life’s relevancy for the time being. They bring the crowd back to the ground as they started with Marley’s Soul Rebel and a wailing guitar on the classic blues scale. Heard the band will start to record with Laguna Records end of the year and hope they will left some marks on the regional music map, if not international. Main man Joe closed the set with the same opening chant, left the hopefuls screamed for an encore.


Some extra acitivities here…

Love Me Butch took over and blasted the crowd with their energy ammos and adrenaline bomb. The moshpit were the most scariest place on earth and I wouldn’t dare to join. Anyway, Winder the hard powerful drummer is not playing but Janna from the same genre band Cassandra plays the same hard and powerful bashing. Hollywood Suicide is a hit and LMB is ready to progress themselves to the next level in the next album. Bila nak keluar da…

I really had a hard time taking pictures from the second floor of the Zouk since my camera was out of battery and the charger was at Kajang. So I just took my time amidst the blinking ‘out of batt’ on the camera’s viewfinder and snapped on whatever time I had. Here’s some of the static ‘upper floor view’ photos taken with me fighting the intolerable cold of Zouk’s air-condition.


We’ve agreed on that! 

Dear friends, show must go on and let the stone gets rolling. Let your mind open and let the creative juices flowing like a honey bee…

Since Louder Than Love is organised for the good cause of the poverty, it really makes a good sense and chances for the needy. But when someone asked me back, “isn’t some musicians were also in poverty?”, I went on a deep thinking and can’t answer that question myself…