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we are lacking of media heroes

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Iconic and ironic… or is it ironic and iconic? 

I saw these pages in NST at 2.00 a.m on one rainy nights. It ticks me off to hurdle the hard blowing wet rain with a broken umbrella to take the camera and a piece of paper inside the car parked outside. It’s the reason why this article is written … (2.06 am 7th November 2007)

Prepares for challenges ahead, says Abdullah with a serious gesture while Peterpan cheered, “unbeatable rates,” on the opposite page. Abdullah is addressing his Umno’s delegates at the party’s annual assembly but he won’t expect that  he will gets a notch up from the other pop party right after the adjacent page, which is surprisingly from Indonesia.

Pop culture will never goes along well with politics unless it’s presented in a different manner, or in this case, page. Only if the pop figure is convincingly good of virtue and prays five time a day in a reality show, politics might fight and chase to get hold of him or her or in this case, a him. However, something has been short-lived especially when the talents haven’t got enough strength to carry him and Malaysia will lose another ‘hero’ due to to the lack of art integrity and heavy commercialism.

Umno delegates or opponents may be unaware of the advertisement as they hurriedly flipping the page to find their printed faces or furiously shredding and burn the paper, excitedly enough to miss the present nature of our pop culture. To tell you the truth, at present time our pop culture were being conquered gracefully and pleasingly by more foreigners. We are actually lacking of our own heroes to set some commercialism standard to fill our own telco ad.

Some years ago advertisement were need to be adherent to some Pan Asian regulations due to the influx of western image and faces in our media. That was a long time ago when ‘globalisation’ is just a mere words and not a hypothesis. Nowadays, Korean and Hong Kong star like Le Hom, Andy Lau, Rain, Peterpan or some EPL Stars are the media heroes that had donned the LRT pavilion and billboards on main highways. Whoever they are, they’ve gone far away from us with their big bucks and huge popularity while everyone in our country just have to feast their eyes while scratching their butt.

…rock music actually has emerged from the cloud of cigarette smokes!

 Last two decades, cigarette companies were on the top list and only them can afford to buy the third page almost everyday and most of the time, the whole sports section. Suddenly, they were suppressed in a global scale, pressured to be invincible and went underground, even when they are with Ferraris and Ducatis. But hey, they stil make a (good) living and had helmed two most important championship for this year, yet without being announced. It’s a subtle impact but definitely a prominent one. Back then, cigarette companies controlled the pop culture and rock music actually has emerged from the cloud of cigarette smokes!

At present, people are ‘smoking’ prepaid cards and telcos are the big dick who controlled the pop scene. Western music are adamantly a killing ammo and the present downturn of local music scene were aggrevated by the ad agency policy who believes that foreign artist gives more mileage on awareness and branding. There are seems no local band, actor, sportsmen or certain local personality can fetch up the same commercialism benchmark which wouldn’t definitely make us proud but at least, keep our currency on shore. However, talented people like Apek (the guy with sunglasses and fishing cap) has proven his ability to transcend those commercialism barriers.

It’s been long since Poetic Ammo was digi’s boyz, Search is rocking under salem’s light and Junction toured the nation the king’s way. Malaysia are lacking of our own media heroes, who should’ve excelled in their arts rendering or global recognition, which actually we has abundance in numbers. Most of them, who actually lives  and breath in front of your eyes were indeed forgotten or missed at the counting counter. Blip… blip…