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attack of the unease

In dilema muzik on November 2, 2007 at 10:05 am

 By Majidon Beseri

Just let them IN or let’s DON the iron curtain?

I really want to write about this issue since long ago, when I’m unemployed three months before, *(today is 1st November 2007). At that particular time I was helpless and frustrated and the ‘stoopid/idiot box’ some may called, was the best and affordable escapism tool I had. Everyday at morning I would slouched my backbone to the sofa and glued to the TV. I didn’t miss any morning paper, as to find my way back to the blue collar troops. And you know what did I miss?

I think I missed seeing Malaysian band in most of the prime media of my own beloved country. Err…my wife have just said, “darling, don’t have to worry about the grammar, baby.” So be it. When we don’t have the computer to typed on, just get the pen and paper brother! *This article originally written on a back of my maintenance apartment bills, which is due already…

OK.. back to the story I’ve started earlier, for a month and beyond, what I’ve seen is that the Indonesian bands are in every side of the cubicle and the printed visuals. They’re getting more and more exposure than our own boys. The issue has been fought and highlighted by our musician who felt that they have been dejected by our own media activists especially those who has the power to decide what song should be aired regularly. I’ve seen an Indonesian band who played a gig at night and interviewed in the ‘Breakfast Show’ program on NTV7 the very next day while PeterPan and Dewa are getting their big endorsement from our own telco corporate. So, the question is how did this happen? If you care, it has happened since the change of the millennium and I don’t want to do the nagging about any historical facts or happenings that happened. We just let them in and allowed their superiority. Kaput.

Anyway, it’s just a matter of taste and preference… or was it?


3 or 4 years ago, one of my media colleague suggested to THE Aziz Bakar in one of our Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) acquaintance. He said, it’s better or it’s very good to let the Indon’s influence flow to our shore so our boys will learn and feel the heat of competition. Nowadays competition seems to be utmost than stiff and we can say that… we have been outrivalled! Yeah… that’s the fact and the actual happenings. How can we switch off our ears when the media is our life? How can we close our eyes when the media have prepared the best of visuals not to be missed? How can’t we hum ’emm…. mungkin bila nanti, kita kan bertemu lagi… lalala…(complete with the guitar sound)”when even an unknown Malaysian band called Singletrackmind also cover the song with their unpopular version?

Actually, we can’t hold them back to get in our nerves, or our heart. They will just come in as long as there are buildings to be built and weak hearts to be mended and more hearts to be melted. Unless the government get a hand of the matter and somebody swearing it out in the parliament.

As long as Aziz M. Osman still wear the same Batman cap, same it goes to ‘Air Mata Maria’ which always evolves around two different sided sisters, we WILL just let them in and don the same cape of openness and will be avoiding atrocity.

KONKLUSI: No conclusion to be laid upon as all the matters of taste and preference will only lead to subjectivity (an overused word of wisdom). Anyway, over a little thought, actually we need some some push. Got to do something here, man. You can’t crash the parliament to make your voice heard, while you can’t cry either if you fail to create a top-pop-hit song. “What we got here is a failure to communicate”. I’m blank… but I want to finish article with this words of enlightenment , “communication is a bliss, but its a bluff when everything is just the same and haven’t change for quiet some time….”